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In 2016 I attended a Medical Convention held at Walt Disney World, but I was SO BROKE I could not afford to go into the parks.  I vowed that when I attended the next convention held there in 2018, I was going to visit EACH park.  On my income, it would literally take a miracle to pull this one off.

Then in April 2017, my friend Mike introduced me to Coastal Vacations. My DISNEY GOAL miracle had arrived!  I GOT CREATIVE with my financing and became a Platinum Director in May 2017.  

Why Platinum?  Because I saw the massive potential.  I dreamed of having a mobile income, and now I've got a workhorse!  But what it really boils down to:  A lifetime of vacations is waiting for you and your growing family.  Join NOW...Have FUN!!  Don't wait too long to MAKE MEMORIESThe Circle of Life stops for no one.

UPDATE:  What I've saved so far (September 2018):

April 2018 Medical Convention at Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL: $1250+

July 2018 Coastal Freedom Conference in Branson, MO: $11 + Pouring on the Love!